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Puppy Training Bristol

5 week puppy course £70 for under 5 months

  • Wed 3rd July 6.30pm to 7.30pm in Pucklechurch

The puppy training course is the same day and time each week. In the winter the classes are indoors, in the summer we have a nice outdoor area which we can use next to the hall. Our puppy obedience courses have a max of 6 pups. All pups start together and stay on the same course until the end. Jo and Lisa are qualified dog trainers and dog first aiders. We using reward based training methods and we are careful to treat each puppy with care and the attention they require.

Our course covers:-

  • Sit, down, stand
  • Stay/wait
  • Walking nicely on a lead around other dogs
  • Recall away from other dogs
  • Leave food/toys
  • How not to jump up
  • How to work towards a great relationship
  • Advice on play biting, toilet training, games to play with your puppy and more……

These classes are an excellent opportunity for the whole family to get involved in the crucial early training and socialisation of your puppy. At the classes we will work with you to assist you in understanding how to train your puppy, develop a great relationship and a solid foundation for future training. All the family are welcome and lessons are well structured, positve and kind to your puppy.

Dog Training Bristol

Secure field, Agility Training paddock and barn.