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Ace Dog Training was established in 2007 and has been supporting many people in their journey training their puppies and dogs.

I studied at Southampton University gaining a degree level in Applied Animal Behaviour. This qualification as well as experience I gained from various courses gave me the acceptance into the Association of pet dog training (APDT), an amazing organisations with valuable ethics in dog training and that all important communication with people.

My love for dogs and training was prior to Ace, with my Black Lab and Golden Retriever, training them both as gun dogs and to the gold level good citizen awards. In 2010 I retrained my Golden Retriever in agility at the age of 7 and he competed for 4. They have both passed over rainbow bridge.

I have 2 toy poodles both competed at the highest level in agility with Max competing twice at Crufts, they are now both retired, but still enjoy training.

I now compete with both my collies. Flick at the highest level and was reserve for the team GB and will be trying out for team Wales in 2023. Fly has just starting competing with a few wins.

Puppy Leah a collie cross poodle has joined our family and enjoying all her puppy training.

Lisa Dunwell (ADTB)

I am an approved instructor with the Academy of Dog Training (ADTB) and a diploma with merit in dog grooming.

I teach Tuesday evening puppy and further obedience classes for Ace as well as running my own dog walking and individual dog training business.

I have 2 of my own dogs, Percy and Trigger, both rescues, along with 2 horses and some chickens.

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Secure field, Agility Training paddock and barn.

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