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Jo Burt

Back in 2005 after shadowing a great animal behaviourist, I took the plunge and re-trained part time at Southamton Univeristy in Applied Animal Behaviour.  Even though I studied various domestic animals, I knew from the start I wanted to focus on dogs.  I was fotunate to have grown up with two wonderful dogs and I have had my own dogs since 2000.

I opened Ace Dog Training in 2007, supporting many people in their journey for a happy, well trained dog.  After gaining the relevent qualifications and experience I was accepted into the Association of pet dog training (APDT), an amazing organisations with valuable ethics in dog training and that all important communictions with people.

My love for dogs was prior to Ace, with my black lab, Molly, who sadly passed in 2011. I trained her and my golden retriever, Merin as gun dogs, but in 2010 I found agility, which I absolulty love and luckly so did Merlin, he was 7 when he started.  A few years later I got Gem my toy poodle, she had 1 litter and I kept Max. They are both super fast and compete at the highest level in both Kennel Club and Uk agility, they have both qualified for the UKA finals.  With the poodles doing so well, I needed a new start so I got flick my crazy collie, he has just started competing and is looking very promising.

Lisa Dunwell

I am an approved instructor with the Academy of Dog Training (ADTB) and a diploma with merit in dog grooming.

I teach Tuesday evening puppy and further obedience classes for Ace as well as running my own dog walking and individual dog training business.

I have 2 of my own dogs, Percy and Trigger, both rescues, along with 2 horses and some chickens.

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